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           Hefei tianzhijiao Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, mainly engaged in multilingual foreign language training, multilingual translation, enterprise training, Chinese as a foreign language training and Discipline Training in primary and secondary schools. It is a regular school running institution with a school running license (license number: 134011272017881). It has regular school running qualification and can issue class hour certificate and graduation certificate. We are a large-scale comprehensive education training institution with multi subject training in Anhui Province. The total investment of the campus is more than 3 million yuan. With strong strength, convenient transportation and elegant environment, it has been selected and trusted by more and more students for several years.

    We always employ good teachers, create a good learning environment, and with the popular and high cost-effective charging standards, so that people with learning needs can start and learn well, which is generally favored and welcomed by the majority of students. In order to be responsible for the selection of our students, we strongly invite overseas returnees, university teachers and foreign teachers to teach jointly to create a good learning atmosphere and environment for students. We have been adhering to the teaching spirit of "learning for application and daring to be the first", adhere to the purpose of providing good training services for students, take the needs of students and the market as the basis of teaching services, and create a new learning method based on Application-oriented learning.

    Tianzhijiao, as an educational and training institution, provides learners with a scientific curriculum system. Based on the correct learning methods, practice-oriented learning methods, student-oriented quality service, and based on advanced teaching methods, combined with the disadvantages of traditional teaching, this paper analyzes the current situation of Chinese students, closely follows the learning objectives of students, and combines with advanced multimedia teaching In addition, it also organizes various extracurricular activities to enable students to achieve ideal learning effect through full communication with teachers.

    The achievements of tianzhijiao and its contribution to the society have been widely concerned and praised. At the same time, it also makes us feel the responsibility on our shoulders. We will continue to carry forward the service quality of meticulousness and excellence, and create a stage for more people with dreams to show themselves!