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    一ALLBET欧博、词汇与语法知识(共 20小题,每小题2分)

    1Paris is____ very beautiful city, where you can see ____ famous Eiffel Tower.
    Aa; the
    Ba; 不填
    Cthe; a
    2----Are you familiar with the music?
       ----Yes. There was a time____ this kind of music was quite popular.
    Cwith which
    Dabout which
    3They are good friends .____is no wonder that they know each other so well.
    4----Was Tom there when you arrived?
      ----Yes, but he ____home soon afterwards.
    Ahad gone
    Bhas gone
    Cis going
    5---- You must phone us every week.
    ----Yes , I____.
    Bhave to
    6----What are you going to do this afternoon?
       ----I'll probably go for a walk  ____it stays fine.
    Aas far as
    Bso long as
    Ceven if
    Das if
    7I had to ____because someone else wanted to use the phone.
    Agive up
    Bput up
    Chang up
    Dring up
    8A terrible thought suddenly____ me----had anyone broken into the house?
    9Maria has to baby-sitThat's ____she can't come out with us.
    Awhy   Bhow    Cwhen     Dwhat
    10You can buy these maps at ____railway station. They all have them.
    Aall    Bany     Cevery      Deach
    11The Yellow River,____ to be “the mother river”, runs across China like a huge dragon.
    Asaying   Bto say   Csaid    Dbeing said
    12What color is it ____you have painted your house?
    Awhat     Bwhere  Cwhich  Dthat
    13 ---- ____your car here, or you've got to be fined.
    ----But where on earth can I park?
    APark   BDon't park   CParking   DNot parking
    14---- Shall I buy this book for Tim?
       ----____. He might already have it.
    AI don't agree
    BNo problem
    CYou can't do that
    DYou'd better not


    15. Nobody knew _______ there.
      A. how long time I had been
      B. how long had I been
      C. how long time had I been
      D. how long I had been

    16.   ______, I am sure that he is honest.

    A. No matter people say

    B. What people say

    C. Whatever people say

    D. It doesn’t matter people say 

    17.   Eat less food _______ you want to put on weight .

    A. if    B. unless    C. until   D. as soon as

    18.   I shall be surprised if he does this the same way _______ I do .

       A. as    B. like   C. which    D. what

    19.   He always talks ______ he had been to outer space.

    A. like    B. as if /though    C. because of   D. as

    20.   ______ he finished his work , he left hurriedly.

    A. As soon as    B. As if   C. Unless    D. In order that




    I'll never forget the story happened on a bus the other       1.      

    day. It was a windy day. I got on a bus after school. A           2.         

    young lady was standing next to me. In a flash, the strong   3.        

    wind blew inside the windows. The lady's false hair has   4 .      

    blown away. To our surprises, she was hairless. While she was   5.       

    wondering what to do, when many passengers laughed loudly.   6.       

    She managed to hold back her tears. Saw this, I        7      


    picked up his false hair and said, "Don't be sad, Miss. I'm  8 .       

    sure your hair will grow again." When I glanced to the  9.       

    other passengers, they all quick bent their heads with shame.    10.       






    Passage one:

    Color Blindness


    A  About ten men in every hundred suffer from color blindness in some way; women are luckier only about one in two hundred is affected in this manner. There are different forms of color blindness. A man may not be able to see deep red. He may think that red, orange and yellow are all shades of green. Sometimes a person cannot tell the difference between blue and green. In rare cases an unlucky man may see everything in shades of green—a strange world indeed.

    B   In certain occupations color blindness can be dangerous and candidates are tested most carefully. For example, when fighting at night, soldiers use lights of flares to signal to each other. A green light may mean “Advance” and a red light may mean “Danger! Keep back!” You can see what will happen if somebody thinks that red is green!

    C   Color blindness in human beings is a strange thing to explain. In a single eye there are millions of very small things called “cones”, these help to see in a bright light and to tell the difference between colors. There are also millions of “rods” but these are used for seeing when it is nearly dark. They show us shape but not color. Wait until it is dark tonight, and then go outside. Look round you and try to see what colors you can recognize.

    D  Birds and animals which hunt at night have eyes which contain few or no cones at all, so they cannot see colors. As far as we know, bats and adult owls cannot see colors at all,only light and dark shapes. Similarly cats and dogs cannot see colors as well as we can. Insects can see ultraviolet rays which are invisible to us, and some of them can even see X-rays. The wings of a moth may seem grey and dull to us, but to insects they may appear beautiful, showing colors which we cannot see. Scientists know that there are other colors around us which insects can see but which we cannot see. Some insects have favorite colors. Mosquitoes like blue, but do not like yellow. A red light will not attract insects but a blue lamp will.


    Question 1-4: 


    Based on your reading of the text, complete the sentences below with words taken from the passage. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

    Write your answers in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.


    1. For         who fight at night color is very important.

    2. There are lots of        in our eyes, which show us shape instead of color.

    3. Birds and animals which hunt at night cannot see         .

    4.When millions of rods in our eyes are at work in darkness we can see        only.


    Question 5-10


    Read the following statements and say how they reflect the information in the reading passage.

    T       if it accurately reflects the information given

    F       if it does not reflect the information


    5. Bats and adult owls cannot see colors because they cannot see light.

     6. Among people who suffer from color blindness very few may think that everything

    in the world is in green.  

    7. Dogs and cats have fewer cones than human beings.   

    8. All insects have their favorite colors.          

    9. Insects can see more colors than human beings. 

    10. The world is less colorful to human beings than to insects.  







    1-5  ABDDC

    6-10 BCAAB

    11-15 CDBDD

    16-20 CBABA


    1. happened前面加thatwhich;或将happened改为happening

    2. a bus 中的a 改为the

    3. the改为a

    4. has改为was

    5. surprises 改为surprise

    6. 去掉when

    7. saw 改为seeing

    8. his改为her

    9. to改为at

    10. quick改为quickly













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