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    Foreigners learn Chinese(volume one)

    发布日期:2010-01-01  浏览次数:6819

    Course Description :This course is designed for zero-based learners. It pays attention to listening and speaking. Students not only can build confidence on learning Chinese, master pronunciation and common expression quickly, but also can improve reading and writing  ability. Meanwhile, through learning too many vocabularies , learners can prepare for higher level of Chinese learning. For zero-based learners, after finishing this course, they can master Pinyin,hundreds of basic vocabularies and sentence patterns, as well as thousands of common sentences . These help learners fluent communication. For example:greeting, introduction, nationality, number, question, take a taxi, time, date,shopping, bargaining, money, order dishes, check out, ring up , make an appointment and so on.

    Teaching Objectives: 1.Comprehend the sentences patterns and make sentences; Be able to simple description and exchange the opinions

    2.Be interested in and have confidence in learning Chinese;

    3.Grasp the basic teaching methods and communication skill;

    4.Grasp the basic Chinese cultural knowledge;

    5.Reach 1 -2 level of the HSK

    Teaching material:According to the native language of the learners, the teacher chooses the different teaching material.

    Course Features: Learning the basic voice and a variety of common life scenes can enhance the learners pleasure in learning Chinese. By introduction of Chinese cultural customs and habits, hobbies, proper understanding of business language and some slang, these can steadily improve daily oral ability of students. And the course focuses on Chinese humanities and the way of thinking, so it is the preferred course for hobbyists. At the same time, it will lay a solid foundation for learners who need to stay in China.  

    New Students Enrollment:small class teaching

    Teaching methods:1.one to one,according to the students free time;

    2.small class teaching,4-8 people,according to the need of the students,use the native language to teach.

    Enrollment Target:zero-based or lack strong basis learners;prepare for foreigners who want to work ,live, study in China.

    Learning cycle:one hundred and fifty class hours.